How should we approach the New Avant-Garde theatre? (thoughts)

Posted on March 27, 2011


  1. Through personal experience, in creation and participation as audience.
  2. Real stories, rather than imagined.
  3. No acting / less acting.
  4. Dedicated content – cannot afford flimsy efforts
  5. Live the production, it is your story, it develops with you.
  6. Utilise real, accessible resources
  7. In the use of digital tools, it has to be with an awareness of what it expresses and is associated with – it could be a reflection of this digital age, it could be because of anxieties situated around technology, it could be because of our increased affordances with technology. However it is used, its presence and the meanings it carries with it, cannot be slighted.
  8. It is fine or perhaps even encouraged to acknowledge backstage procedures, audience members, and technical faults.
  9. Dedication to scenic elements – Can be minimal or elaborate, but must be respected and highly considered
  10. The workings of the physical can be a psychological or philosophical strategy.
  11. Performance has to acknowledge world outside theatre – this includes but is not limited to, cultural, societal practices and problems, psychological battles and journeys etc.


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